INÊS AMADO ~ Curriculum Vitæ

Sherkin Island & West Cork Arts Centre, Co Cork, Ireland. Arts project involving the community of Sherkin Island (January to June)
Video projection and installation at Sherkin Abbey.

Speaker at Sensuous Knowledge Conference, Aesthetic Practice and Aesthetic Insight, Bergen, Norway.

BreadMatters III - Mediating through Art and Bread - Director, BreadMatters Research Programme - a multi-disciplinary international
exhibition and conference (21 participants), in collaboration with West Cork Arts Centre, Co. Cork Ireland and Cork 2005 European
Capital of Culture. (Co-Curator | Co-Organiser | Participant)

Identita’ / Appartenenza - International Group Exhibition, L’Arie del Tempo Associazone Cultural, Genoa, Italy.

Collective Mean - Time - Solo Exhibition/Installation Labirynt 2 BWA Galley BWA, Lublin, Poland.

Collective Mean - Time - Solo Exhibition, In Situ Foundation, Warsaw, Poland.

Bread of All - Praça da Figueira, Lisbon, Portugal - A collaborative project with CAIS, (monthly magazine working for displaced peoples)
Municipal Authority of Lisbon, Museum of Bread, Seia, Portugal and BreadMatters Research Programme.

UnderKurrent - Collaborative project. Sound Installation. (Selected by competition) River Thames, London.

Artist in Residence - Kulturhuset USF, Bergen, Norway - April to June.

Of a Passage - Live Action, Teatrgarajson, Bergen, Norway

Residency Open Studio Exhibition, Kulturhuset USF, Bergen, Norway.

Inside Out - Windows Gallery, Bergen, Norway.

BreadMatters II - The Performative - Director, BreadMattters Research Programme - a multi-disciplinary international exhibition and
conference (21 participants), in collaboration with the Museum of Water - Lisbon, Portugal. (Organiser | Curator | Participant)

Selected Artist in Residence exhibitor for the 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Kulturhuset USF, Bergen, Norway.

Scriptions - International Group Exhibition, Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art, Genoa, Italy.

Around the Volcano - Exhibition of video and drawings of site specific works produced in 2001.

Palace of Culture, Praia, Cape Verde Islands, West Africa.

Through the Surface - (Curator | Participant) - International Group Exhibition, Gallery Stara, Lublin, Poland.

A Drop of Water - Solo exhibition, Patriarcal, Lisbon, Portugal.

A>B - International Group Exhibition, Crossfire Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland.

Pane-Partake - Solo site-specific installation and performance. The Watermill, Bosco Marengo, Alessandria, Italy.

Around the Volcano - Three-week residency for site-specific project. Mindelo Cultural Centre, Cape Verde Islands, West Africa.

Lettera d’Amore - International Group Exhibition, Castello della Lucertola Apricale - Imperia, Italy.

Moments in Time
- International Exhibition, BWA Gallery, Lublin, Poland.

BreadMatters I - Director, BreadMattters Research Programme - a multi-disciplinary international exhibition and
conference (15 participants), in collaboration with NN Cultural Centre, Lublin, Poland. (Co-Organiser | Curator | Participant)

Solo exhibition - L’ Aire del Tempo, Genova, Italy.
Solo exhibition - The Jersey Gallery, Osterly Park House, London.
Artes de Outras Partes - Group exhibition Mãe D’Água, Lisbon, Portugal.
Solo exhibition - Labirynt 2 BWA Gallery, Lublin, Poland.
Artist in Residence - Watershed Newcastle, Maine U. S. A.

Speaker Internet and its uses Conference, Aveiro Portugal.

Solo exhibition - The Lighthouse, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London.
Atlantic Fusion - International Group Exhibition (Organiser | Co-Curator) - The Gallery at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London.
Group exhibition - Margaret Harvey Gallery, St Albans.

International Group Exhibition (Organiser | Co-Curator | Participant) - C. Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid Spain.
IMMS Travelling Exhibition International Group Exhibition (Organiser | Co-Curator | Participant) - Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes de Lisboa, Portugal.
Three Artists in Lublin - Grodzka BWA Gallery, Lublin, Poland.
Transactions - Nine Artists: New Works - Reeds Wharf Gallery, London.

International Multi-Media Symposium (Co-Organiser | Co-Curator | Participant) Workshop and Symposium for 25 international artists - Horta, Azores.
IMMS Exhibition (Co-Organiser | Co-Curator | Participant) Museu da Horta, Casa da Baleia, Capelinhos, Parque de Escultura, Faial Azores.
Models of Space 360° Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland.

Workshop / Symposium - Centrum Rzezby Polskiej, Oronsko, Poland.

Visiting Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Escola de Belas Artes, Evora, Portugal.

Visiting Lecturer at Kunsthogskolen Bergen, Norway.

1999 to 2004
Lecturer Fine Art - Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, England.

2004 and 2004
Visiting Lecturer at Kunsthogskolen Bergen, Norway.

Guest Lecturer Bergen School of Art. Norway.
Guest Professor at Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti Genoa Italy.

1988 to 1998
Lecturer Fine Art - St Albans School of Art, University of Hertfordshire, England.

1996 to 1997
Lecturer - Byam Shaw School of Art, London, England.

1997 to 1999
Visiting Lecturer - Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, England.
Speaker - Site Specific Symposium at Kunsthogskolen i Bergen (1998)
Communicating Images - Conference, University of Teeside, England (1999)
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The Visual Artists’ News September/October.
All about Bread, Cork Feature, The Phoenix, 7th October.
Fostering the spirit of community, The Irish Times, 26th September.
Caha Centre Celebrates, The Southern Star, 3rd September.
The Irish Arts Review, Autumn 2005.
Cork Diary, Irish Arts Review.
Kurier Lubelski 10th June, Srodziemna Awangarda.
Dziemnk Lubelski 2nd June, Instalacja i rzezby.
Lubelski Informator Kulturalny Zoom, Galeria Labirynt 2 BWA.

Portuguese TV News (coverage of Exhibition / Conference BreadMatters II)
Audun Lindholm - Boker, Brod USF - Nytt, 7th April, Interview/Review.
Audun Lindholm - USF - Nytt, 1st June, Article.
Cathrine Krane Hansen - Lager Kunst av USFs historie - Bergens Tidende - 3rd June, Interview and Review.

BreadMatters I - Catalogue published in UK.
Through the Surface - published in Poland, Stara Gallery, BWA.
A Drop of Water - published in Portugal by EPAL Museum of Water.
Karafka Listopad 2002 no.6 by Franciszka Sady, Poland.
Gazeta Wyborcza Lublin BWA przy Narutowicza, Poland.
Efemerydy Kuszace, 29th Nov, Grzegorz Jozefczuk, Poland
Circundando o Vulcão I - A Parcela e a Serie, João Vário, Mindelo, Cabo Verde.
Horizonte Arts & Culture magazine, Exposição Palacio da Cultura, Praia, Cabo Verde.
Reportagem - Portuguese TV News (coverage of installation + interview)

Moments in Time - published in Poland by BWA.
Programa Belas Artes - SIC TV Portugal - extensive interview.
Capanotto Editora - Arts Magazine Italy - Featured Artist.

Bread Issues - Catalogue Introduction - Mo Throp.
Il pane inspira l’art di un’ artista Portoghese Il Secolo XIX, Genoa, Italy.

Undici anni per L“Arie del Tempo. Il Lavoro, Genoa, Italy.

White Space Against a Volcano - Jan Stanislaw Wojciechowski.
Transaction Nine artists: New works - Clive Adams.
Oronsko - Kwartalnik Rzezby 1-4/1994 - Jan Stanislaw Wojciechowski.
Modele Przestrzeni 360° - Catalogue, Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw.

Diario Inédito - O Publico - João Pinharanda.
A Swarm of Days - Brian Catling, Catalogue, Diary Installation.

Azores, Belgium, Cape Verde, England, Iceland, Italy,
Poland, Portugal, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

The Gulbenkian Foundation 2005 - 2003 - 2001 - 1997 - 1996 - 1995
Cork European Capital of Culture 2005
Credit Union, West Cork Arts Centre & Sherkin Island Development Society 2005
The British Council 2003 - 2002 - 2001
AHRB Research Award 2001
University of Southampton 2003 - 2001 - 2000
Winchester School of Art 2003 - 2002 - 1999
Instituto Luis de Camoes 2001
Eastern Arts 1998
The Arts Council 1997
London Docklands Development Corporation 1997
Digswell Arts Trust 1997
University of Hertfordshire 1997 - 1996 - 1995
Portuguese Ministry of Culture 1997 - 1996 - 1995
British Telecom 1997
Portugal Telecom-Marconi 1997
Middlesex Hospital 1997
University of Aberyswith 1997
I.A.C. - Institute of Contemporary Art, Lisbon 1997 - 1996

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