Exhibited at National Library, Lisbon, Portugal and Cubbitt Street Gallery, London, England.

There is an obvious friction that confronts the viewer in Inês Amado's horizon of sculptural icons "100 Days", it illuminates an atmospheric territory between ingenuity and joy of making and the melancholic drone of its meaning. This year of structured tactile moments has been modelled in a grip of exile, an actual and poetic distance that achingly fills the absent space of touch with memory.

Inês Amado's carefully constructed nests show with wincing generosity the stains, the pleasures and ordeals in her hands, so that one might wonder at the richness, and be given sight of the complex structures of humour and mortality that enfold and cage our own unexpected time.

Brian Catling - extract from exhibition Catalogue - 'A Swarm of Days' - Ruskin School of Art, Oxford, England.

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