Timeless is a work that questions the notion of time, memory and history.

A site-specific work at Osterley Park House, a nobility household maintained for the nation by the National Trust, in its essence a "a capsule in time", which encapsulates and freezes the history of a particular time.

I am using two base ingredients: Flour and Water, together with two man-made materials, Acetate and Perspex. The text on the acetate relates to the making of bread as a process and means to an end.

From high society to the less privileged, from Europe to Asia, Africa and the Americas, throughout the globe bread unifies "unites" humanity.

The images are extracts from various paintings and woodcuts relating to bread as the main subject or as an integral part of it. A parallel is made between making bread and making art. Bread: food for the body; Art: food for thought.

Paintings on the wall, bread on the table, in this case both go on the floor. They fuse with each other becoming one and the same.

The roman numerals relate to the division of the clock. Marking in this particular case the mere seconds of that continuous fluid Time.

Inês Amado - Installation at Osterley House, England.

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