Czas i Chwile - Time and Moments

International group exhibition, Stara Gallery, Lubin, Poland - June 2000.

Time affects all of us, it is infinite, but at the same time close, almost touchable when it concerns ourselves, our life, our near and dear. Time is unyielding - time is blessed. It affects us through the process of passing and decay until we age and die. We find it difficult to accept, although we are aware of its inevitability. From the joy of growing up and passing to the transition into eternal life. Time that lasts and moments that slip away. Andrzej Mroczek - Director, Stara Gallery

Inês Amado
Miroslaw Balka
Pawel Chawinski
Ewerdt Hilgemann
Jaroslaw Kozlowski
Richard Long
Teresa Murak
Ann Noël
Roman Opalka
Jadwiga Przybylak
Mikolaj Smocznski
Emmett Williams
Jerzy Zysko
Jósef Gielniak

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