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Project Description

On visiting the Museum of Walbrzych in Poland, I felt there was care real care in the place…
The Museum houses an incredible collection of objects: porcelain, paintings and sculpture, where I had an overwhelming sense of history, of memory/memories and of time…
I somehow impulsively felt that the garden was where I could/had to do an intervention.
The temporal, the ephemeral, the impermanent is meaningful and informative within all my work and is the basis of my performance. Although I related to this beautiful Museum, for me the openness of the garden and to an extent its structural character were the things that informed my transitory passage.

‘Things are the mirror on which we reflect our impermanent lives’
Bruce Chatwin in Utz

Of a Passage

glances at a city

glimpses of a past

encapsulated objects

absorbed in history

gripped by memories

ephemeral footprints…

marking a passage,

beams of light within a garden,

the winding flight of the moment

writing does not stay on water

nor do things stay for ever

the fraction of fortuity

unsheltered in words

its existence a discontinuous fragment.