Project Description

Residency and performative work in Falland



I was invited by composer Kjell Samkopf, whom I had met back in 1997 in a Symposium/Workshop Overhang/Transition in Norway, and by his wife, artist Caroline Ho-Bich-Tuyen Dang, to their Farm/Residency Centre, Falland, in Fall Søndre Land municipality of Oppland, Norway.

The farm is a permaculture operation, where the art of living and living in art complement and complete each other, thus their artistic output and their living activities are a seamless continuous integral motion.

During this Residency I had the opportunity to immerse myself in this way of living, interact with a community of refugees and do a performative action.

Caroline took me into a small garden kept by refugees, which she planted in collaboration with young and old, males and females, from different parts of the globe. There I encountered Sarmed a young Iraqi refugee who invited Caroline and myself to have lunch at his place, (a house that he shares with 4 other young males). Sarmed and his friend Waleed, made for us the tastiest of meals, composed of roasted chicken with spices, beans with lamb, salad, rice, hummus and bread, all made there in front of us! I was incredibly moved by such generosity and humility. They probably spent their whole weekly allowance on this meal!

At the end of my Residency, I did a small performative action using leftover bread generously given by some members of the local community. To me this was a simple way to homage Caroline and Kjell in their way of living, and integrate their hens, (as my collaborators and assistants) in the completion of my ephemeral performative action.