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Project Description

Ephemeral Permanence

Insitu Foundation homaged the wonderful Andrzej Mroczek, the director of BWA galleries where I exhibited various times and who invited me to take the 1st BreadMatters to Lublin. My work was motivated on a simple homage / tribute as well as, on creating connections. Andrzej was thus my first connection, present in his absence. The piece I created was a performative participative action, involving and motivating others connected to Sokołwosko and its surroundings. We started, by doing a few Deep Listening exercises, then each person gave me a memory or a story around bread, they all chose to tell me their memories in English. Out of those they chose a single Polish word, which was most meaningful to them.

The performance started by the participants seating around a table with their hands facing a bowl with bread, whilst their stories were sounded. Their stories were prerecorded, then edited and spaced out rhythmically as a composition…

When they were finished I together with Gerard Lebik, created a performative action, where I explored and sounded each one of their words in Polish, whilst Gerard sprayed cans with vapoured water, so sound and breath, ephemerality and ethereal, were sounded and visualised, as opposed to the concrete of the bread, seating and stories…the ‘lost in translation’ issue was quite relevant in this piece. Ultimately, but not the least, the connection to InSitu and its founders; Bozenna Biskupska and Zygmunt Rytka, as well as all the participants in the 7th Konteksty Festival.

There was a small bowl under the table with olive oil, which I at the end, positioned next to the bread, so that everyone could help themselves, it was after all totally participative, sharing, inclusive and partaking.




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