Project Description


This work reflects upon current issues within the EU. In this united Europe the unity seems to be only present in the obliteration of the individual and the individuality of each country. The orange together with the orange tree is a reminiscent and a reminder of those other objects extrapolated from Cyprus in days gone by. History does tend to repeat itself!

I use the orange as a metaphor for a world where migration and globalization, dislocation displacement and relocation, conflicts and disputes, are second nature along with the demarcation of territories and pan-global hybridization. The orange is also used in this piece as an expression of temporality over time and space.

Several facts and factors

Colonialism and thus dislocation and displacement in Europe happened especially from the XV Century onwards.

Europe was the daughter of Agenor in Greek mythology. Europe “the dark” or the land of the setting sun.

(HS) Harmonised Commodity Description System is the trading classification systems used world-wide, for the distribution of fruits and vegetables.

In tombs like these, throughout Cyprus, excavations were carried out during the XIX century, and goods were removed and relocated to another continent.